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Our story


Poseidon Human Capital an International Human Resource Solutions provider, with Regional offices across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas.

Poseidon Human Capital’s success is attributed to the company’s ability to manage large scale manpower projects through integrated coordination with the stakeholder. We have licensed regional and local offices which provide operational hubs allowing navigation of often difficult and varied administrative requirements which can differ between territories.

Poseidon Human Capital offers support services for local and international projects. These services can either be contracted, stand-alone, or be part of a complete package, providing lower operating costs, process improvements, greater flexibility and scalability.

Our range of services provides operational support for critical activities.

Poseidon Human Capital can provide a combination of services to complement the client’s existing infrastructure and project make-up, ranging from basic unskilled manpower recruitment to the entire management of a company’s HR department.

Poseidon Human Capital operates in sectors including Education, Energy, Engineering, Facility Management, Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Hospitality and Lesure/Tourism, Human Resources, Information and Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Property Development and Construction, Project Management, Security, Support Services, Travel & transportation (including Airlines).


Ethical recruitment


The exploitation of migrant workers has been particularly prevalent in the Gulf Region. Poseidon Human Capital‘s pre-screening and selection process excludes the use of agents and sub-agents ensuring candidates are not indebted to third parties. We believe candidates should receive training and qualifications without being subjected to additional non-related financial payments. Poseidon Human Capital complies with the UN Convention on the Protection of the rights of all Migrant Workers and their Families.

The primary objective of the Convention is to foster respect for migrants’ human rights. Migrants are not only workers, but they are also human beings.
The Convention does not create new rights for migrants but aims at guaranteeing equality of treatment, and the same working conditions for migrants and nationals. The Convention innovates because it relies on the fundamental notion that all migrants should have access to a minimum degree of protection. The Convention recognizes that legal migrants have the legitimacy to claim more rights than undocumented migrants, but it stresses that undocumented migrants must see their fundamental human rights respected, like all human beings.

In the meantime, the Convention proposes that actions be taken to eradicate clandestine movements, notably through the fight against misleading information inciting people to migrate irregularly, and through sanctions against traffickers and employers of undocumented migrants. Article 7 of this Convention protects the rights of migrant workers and their families regardless of “sex, race, colour, language, religion or conviction, political or other opinions, national, ethnic or social origin, nationality, age, economic position, property, marital status.


Poseidon Human Capital

is an international human resource solutions provider with regional offices across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

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