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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”


Poseidon Human Capital helps our clients build the skills they need to grow and lead. We offer a variety of approaches to learning, from hands-on experience in health and safety to online professional development. We integrate clients’ insights and knowledge into our curricula which is accredited through leading international awarding bodies. We use the latest digital technologies in order to help clients translate their learning into daily business practices for lasting performance improvement.

Our Poseidon Academy is designed for rising professionals and senior teams to develop the capabilities needed to help their organisation to operate and thrive.
Our programmes include courses developed and taught by Poseidon professionals combined with industry leaders from the broader markets including academics and executives. In collaboration with the client, we design monthly and yearly programs to suits an organisation’s needs.

We offer comprehensive capability building offerings across many topics, from basic health and safety to healthcare improvement and patience engagement in a healthcare environment to basic English language training. Unlike traditional corporate training programs, our participants actively practice skills and tackle real-time challenges in realistic work settings.

We offer development programs for leaders at all levels, working on real business challenges in group settings and individual interactions. By enhancing leadership effectiveness we can help to develop future leaders of an organisation and in turn improve performance.


Poseidon Human Capital

is an international human resource solutions provider with regional offices across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

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