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What we do


  • Workforce planning
  • Employer Branding and Marketing
  • Attraction Strategies and Tools Sourcing Screening and Primary Selection
  • Final Selection and Interview Process Management Compensation and Benefits
  • Offer Management
  • Licensing Credentialising and Due Diligence
  • On-Boarding Experience
  • Induction and Training

Sectors of operation

Poseidon Human Capital prides itself on being an ethically driven organisation, operating processes with military precision through workplace empowerment. Our strategy is customer focused across a wide range of industries.


Healthcare and Life Sciences


Construction, Engeneering and Retail




Hospitality and Leasure


Engeneering and Suport Services


Talent Sourcing Practice


Learning practice


HR Outsourcing practice


Poseidon Human Capital

is an international human resource solutions provider with regional offices across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

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Head Office

Sequel House, The Hart, Farnham,
Surrey GU97HW